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If you're looking for tips, techniques, and ready-to-use love letters and love poems with which to express your love and affection to someone special in your life, you've come to the right place! Here, you'll find a mountain of romantic information that will help you communicate your innermost feelings. And while you're here, don't forget to bookmark our site for future visits, and whenever the occasion arises do spread the good word to your friends and acquaintences.

All of us at the Love & Romance Home Page(sm) and LoveXpress.com wish you well!


"Tokens of My Affection"

Hugs, Kisses, Massages, Love and Wishes to share with your Sweetie...
What could be cuter
than geniune pewter Love Tokens?
Perfect gift to make every day Valentine's Day for your girl ... Tokens come in their own red pouch with "Tokens of My Affection" written on it!! 

Chocolate Covered Berries in famous Gold Foiled Gift Box

Surprise her with a dramatic gift of sexy, luscious chocolate-covered berries.

These "almost too beautuful to eat" berries provide a full variety of six fancy dipped berries decorated with either; swizzles, almonds, mini-chocolate chips or fresh shredded coconut. Packaged in four different quantities to meet any gifting occassion for the truly "Unforgettable Gift."

Bag of Hearts The quintessential gesture of affection and perfect romantic gift -
Five fashionable hearts have their own distinct shape and pattern.
An impressive romantic gift and thoughtful present for anyone who has captured your heart.
A little romantic extra...
(Note: "I Love You with All of My Hearts")

Candy's one of the best gift ideas and more than dandy with this luscious box of love any girl or woman with good taste.

The stunning romantic box, adorned with an ethereal heart awash in warm tones of orange, pink and red, is coupled with a sublime rose petal sachet, and stuffed with the food of love - chocolate ...

For her a birthday or any day - you can tell her she makes you think of Valentine's Day every day of the year!

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